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There are over 50 million cryptocurrency holders all over the world today which is presumably less than 1% of the current world’s population. Although the cryptocurrency industry has grown greatly since its inception in 2009, the industry still has a fountain to climb in other for it to be at the pinnacle of the financial industry.

The cryptocurrency industry being a decentralized financial institute, has led to the financial freedom of many individuals on a global scale through either crypto trading or simply crypto investments. This opportunity is meant to be enjoyed by the whole world but due to various complexities and challenges in the crypto trading industry, it has been difficult for many users to come onboard the industry.


The following are some of the problems which has plagued the growth of the crypto trading industry and that of cryptocurrencies at large.


The limitation of the use of fiat in coin trading: in all of the existing crypto trading platforms, it is impossible for users to purchase various coins with the use of fiats currency. Users are usually required to purchase either bitcoin or Ethereum using fiat, and these currencies are what is used in the purchase of other currencies such as altcoin and others. This process is costly and time consuming due to the fact that it is done with the use of intermediate partners.


Complex interfaces: the user interfaces of various exchanges are very complex which has led to users who are really experienced in its usage to be the only once who come on board the industry. This has put a strain of the industry because it prevents newer users without adequate trading skills sets from coming onboard the industry except they find someone to train them on making use of these complex user interfaces.


FINANCEX is modern experience for existing users.trading trading platform which is set to change the way trading is being done by providing ease to trade thereby cutting off various charges in the use of intermediate partners and also saving customer time. The platform will also be providing a simple interface which will encourage newer users in coming onboard the industry as well as simplifying


FINANCEX with the fiat of their various countries which would ultimately lead to investors saving the time and cost it usually takes in the use intermediaries.trade is creating a system where crypto traders will be able

One of the biggest edges FINANCEX. Withdrawing to fiat currency of the currency of your choice will take approximately 1 minute for something which traditionally takes days for the whole process not to mention the various fees one is expected to pay while making use of intermediaries in withdrawing your funds from these exchanges.FINANCEX will have over other platforms will be the ability the platform will be giving to its users which will allow them to purchase and sell other cryptocurrencies with the use of their local currency through various sorts of payments e.g. bank transfer, E-wallet (PayPal etc.) the process of transferring fiat to wallets which usually takes hours through the conventional methods will hence take less than a minute with

The platform will also be providing a modern and intuitive user interface which will possess a simple/ easy-to-use window which would allow beginners and experts alike to be able to enjoy enjoy order book as well as charting tools and more features on the same screen to make trading easier and smoother.real time trading. The platform will also be providing a


FINANCEX is currently offering out the FXN Token on presale as an initial coin offering, and I believe this provides investors with the best opportunity to invest in this innovative platform. For more information visit the links below:FINANCEX vision is to become the best and largest crypto exchange in the southeast Asia and also among the top 10 in Asia-pacific region 3 years after its launch. In order to boost higher liquidity, the platform will possess its own token known as FNX Token and it will be the official trading currency on the platform.

Website: http://ico.financex.io

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