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Data control and privacy is an important factor individuals consider when adopting any communication medium, they desire a medium where third party personalities cannot spy or manipulate their data.

The current social media industry is characterized with major players like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which records membership of millions of users across the world. Despite the feats accomplished by these platforms users are still faced with the inability to control who sees or uses their content.

The centralized structure of these platforms largely accounts for this problem and users are left with no choice as they are the major players offering these services in the social media industry. Blockchain provides a decentralized model for business which provides a secured storage solution for data and communication, giving users control over their data.

HandleMode is spearheading this transaction from centralized social media platforms to a decentralized user controlled social media platform.

Introducing HandleMode

HandleMode is creating the world first decentralized social media platform that will gives users total control over who views and uses their content through the adoption of blockchain technology.

The platform will be a permission-based network where access to users’ content will be based on users consent.


Overtime, social media platforms have been attributed with the following problems. Some of which include:

Fake News: social media platforms are supposed to be used as mediums for communication and sharing of verified news between persons giving users control over their content. But the case is the reverse for current social media platforms as they have become a haven for spread of fake news and scam ads. The current social networks allows bad actors to trick the platform algorithm and keep feeding them with same ads and news stories until users start to believe what is forced on them.

Scam Adverts: existing social media platforms are characterized by bad actors which promote an ad system that allows them to keeping fake news and scam adverts over and over again. These actors go as far as buying fake accounts from social media providers’ example of those in Asia who manage large click farms to groom ad accounts. Users are led to believe these scam ads and at the end of the day get swindle by bad actors.

Political Influence: the ability of bad actors to run scam ads on to keep running scam ads on social media platforms allows it to be used as a tool for political influence. An example is the case of 2016 United States presidential election where it was discovered that Russia had interfered in the election by running fake news and scam ads all over Facebook platform which reached 126 million persons. What makes this interesting is that exactly 126 million Americans voted in total and interference on the platform a large number of votes were influenced.


HandleMode through the adoption of a decentralized blockchain model will provide the following solutions. Some of which are:

Flexible Home Feed: the platform utilizes a TwitterGram Newsfeed which gives users more flexibility over the type of content they want to see or not. It creates a standard social media platform that gives users control over what is posted on their news feeds or timelines liberating users from bad actors that are responsible for fake news and scam ads.

Blockchain-Backed Chat: HandleMode will develop a decentralized blockchain for messaging which will allow users message chats to be encrypted. The content of these messages will be securely stored using a decentralized cloud storage infrastructure which ensures self-destruction of messages five seconds after the user must have viewed it. Photos and videos will be visible for only 24 hours after which it is deleted from the network.

Influencer sales Model: HandleMode adopts an influencer sales business model in which a certain percentage fee will be charged from sales influencers on the platform. Merchants who want to post offerings on the platform will be thoroughly reviewed before being added to the platform. This will dispel any form of scam ads and fake news.

Final Thought

HandleMode presents a decentralized blockchain social media network which shifts power and control of user content from the platform to the users giving them total control over their contents.




Author: Sorento

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177

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