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Music is no doubt is a major driving force of the entertainment industry with diverse musical contents which has attracted billions of fans which accounts for its increased growth over the years. The music industry has produced stars who have been idolized by millions of fans as their favourite artist among others.

As a result of this, new and emerging musical talents are springing up everyday with the intention of getting their musical content across to a large number of audience. The music industry although saddled with this responsibility has in itself posed as a serious limitation to publicizing musical talents.

The reason for this is that the Music Industry is characterized with prejudice which allows for race, age and beliefs as factors to consider before promoting musical talents, therefore new and emerging musical talents that does not meet this specifications are not given the platform to be publicized across the world.

The invention of blockchain technology allows for transparent and secured medium for storing and sharing of information which also provides a decentralized medium for the distribution of such information. Many industries from the finance, communication, energy and so on have adopted blockchain which has brought innovation and disruption in the manner in which their businesses were operated.

Introducing the iLink2Music Platform

iLink2Music is a self-driven music entertainment social media platform which adopts blockchain technology in disrupting the musical industry, providing an ecosystem for publicizing new and emerging musical contents regardless of age, race or beliefs of the artists.

iLink2Music will provide a transparent ecosystem where users will be able to vote for musical talents which in turn will be promoted by the platform.

How will they achieve this?

Blockchain: iLink2Music platform adopts blockchain as the major driving force in publicizing musical talents. Blockchain provides a decentralized medium for sharing of information, therefore utilizing blockchain technology, iLink2Music platform will be able to publicize musical talents to a large audience of users globally on its blockchain.

IL2 Voting Platform: the iLink2Music platform will provide a functionality for running contests between musical talents. On the platform, musical talents will engage in contests in which users at the end of the contest will be given the ability to vote for their most preferred music artist. After which the most preferred musical talent will be promoted on the iLink2Music platform.


ELINK TOKEN: the Elink token is the official token used on the iLink2Music platform. It is a complaint ERC-20 token which gives the platform users the access to the IL2 voting platform in order to participate in contests, votes and secondary activities like ads, shows and sponsorship on the iLink2Music platform.


The iLink2Music platform provides the following benefits for its users, some of them include:

Proof of Vote End-to-End Verifiable: iLink2Music proof of vote end to end protocol provides irrefutable evidence of the votes the was cast as intended by users. It also provides a third party validation in the benefit of voters, contest administrators and interested parties (artists).

Transparency: the blockchain solution provided by iLink2Music platform allows for transparency as it employs a global community from cryptography experts, certification bodies to the general public who will scrutinize the activities carried out on the platform. Transparency will be ensured as everyone on the platform will have access to the voting results.

Final Thought

iLink2Music platform adopts a transparent and secured decentralized blockchain solution with voting features where artists are allowed to participate in contests and users in turn will vote their preferred musical talent which will be promoted and publicized by the platform.

To get more information follow the links below:

Website: https://www.ilink2music.co/

Whitepaper: https://ilink2music.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/iLink2Music-WhitePaper-Final-V1-1.pdf

Writer: Ubaka01

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