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Global warming accounts for one of the major source of concern for the continual existence of our world with rising alarms of the devastating impact on our atmosphere, regulations among various countries of the world have been enacted to curtail the menace of global warming.

As a result, greener solutions most especially energy generation have been encouraged as a substitute to combustion engines that operate using fossil fuels which in turn release toxic carbons into the atmosphere, thus depleting the ozone layer and subsequently result in global warming.

The world is growing to a future driven by technology, human population is increasing in a geometric rate and so is the need for devices like smartphones, cars and other technological gadgets. More and more cities and towns evolved due to this growing population and in a bid to meet various appointments cars, buses are needed to convey people from one point to another. This growth is no doubt accompanied with an increase in the number of automobiles on the roads, the resultant effect of this is traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

According to a study in 2017 titled Tackling Pollution and Congestion by David Begg and Claire Haigh in the United Kingdom, congestion was seen increasing in major cities in the U.K. which contributes to congestions. Tailpipe emissions from cars were recorded to be four times higher than when the traffic flows smoothly leading to more health issues.

This is largely owing to the inefficiency of the Parking and Transport system which operates an ancient and outdated structure. Companies and garages use different hardware and software leading to lack of cooperation between parties involved in the Parking and Transport industry leaving many parking spots unused. This contributes to traffic congestion as drivers waste too much time on the road trying to look for availed parking spots for their vehicles which ultimately accounts for environmental pollution.

The rising adoption of IoTs technology by business has made it easier for data to be shared and connected, giving owners of parking spots the ability to share same hardware and software thereby fostering cooperation between them which will allows local districts, towns and cities to share the same data on Parking and Transportattion.

Introducing Parksen

Parksen is a blockchain-based platform that provides users with a green, smart and connected city parking service solution with IoTs technology that allows users to access real-time information on traffic situations thereby reducing the numbers of cars in traffic congested cities and the resultant impact on the society.


Parked aims to create a green, smart and connected city platform through the following:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Parksen will provide users with parking applications with features that will give users information on real-time traffic situations, congestion and the closest available parking spot with the best price the user can think of.

Universal API’s and Dashboards: companies and garages, local districts, towns and cities, maintenance workers,  emergency services will be offered universal API’s and Dashboards which will be connected to a variety of smart city solutions relying on IoT integration and smart car technology.

Blockchain utilized with Smart Contracts: the platform provides a blockchain solution utilized with smart contracts which allows real-time data on traffic situations, congestion and available parking spots to be recorded and displayed on the platform. Users can create smart contracts with owners of parking spots which dissolves the ability to alter prices of parking lots, state the stipulated parking hour between the driver and owner.

Final Thought

Parksen envisions a green, smart and connected world with less traffic congestion and environmental pollution which it why it provides a breakthrough blockchain platform integrated with IoTs technology that allows cities, towns and districts to gather and share the same data on traffic situations, congestion and available parking spots.

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